Our skills

A variety of skills dedicated to the creation of small mechanical parts

L’expérience et les équipements de Garnier Durand permettent à l’entrepris

Garnier Durand’s experience and equipment enable the company to manufacture small and very small micromechanical parts.

At Garnier Durand, we work on small and medium-sized production runs with parts from 0.1mm to 100mm in diameter and 250x250x250 mm for milling parts.

In addition, the company produces certified sub-assembly kits and works on all types of materials.

e de fabriquer des pièces micromécaniques de petites voire très petites dimensions.

Chez Garnier Durand, nous travaillons sur des petites et moyennes séries de 0,1mm à 100mm de diamètre et de 250x250x250 mm pour des pièces de fraisage.

De plus, l’entreprise réalise des kits de sous-ensemble certifiés et travaille sur tous types de matières.

Manufacturing process of micromechanical parts

Production, assembly, tests: find here the different skills that make up the company through the schematisation of our processes.

Tools that fit with your requirements

Poupées fixes dans l'ateleir de Garnier Durand

To support this process, Garnier Durand relies on a CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) system, specifically dedicated to milling and turning. A Kardex system allows us to store and pick up parts with great reliability and real precision.

Over the past 60 years, the trades have changed in step with the modernisation of techniques. Garnier Durand continues to evolve in its creation of micromechanical parts, always with a view to adapting to new requirements. And this, without ever losing sight of the human values that are at the heart of its concerns. The well-being of our staff remains the key to our success.