History and values

Garnier Durand, an innovative family-owned company

Three main dates mark in particular this SME born in the department of Cher:


Creation of the company by Mr. Garnier in Foëcy, near Vierzon, on the banks of the Cher river.


Acquisition by Mr. Gabriel Durand. The company Garnier becomes «Garnier Durand».


Transfer of the company by Mr. Durand to Mrs. Magalie Blot, his granddaughter, now President of the company.

Garnier Durand claims its sustainability, its evolution and its innovative flair. The loyalty of its customers and employees reflects their confidence in the responsiveness and in the technical skills of the SME, while ensuring its longevity.

Garnier Durand: Human values at the service of innovation

Interview with Mr. Durand and Mrs. BLOT

Mr. DURAND : What memories do you have of April 1, 1974 and your beginnings at the head of the company?

I remember a certain anxiety but also a lot of joy. That of being able to make the company grow because at the time we were only 2 employees.

Mrs. BLOT : What memories will you keep of this Fabruary, 1st 2019 and the handing over?

For my part, I was very proud to see my grandfather express his trust in me. And I still feel so today.

Mr. DURAND : How do you view the longevity of society? Are you surprised?

My granddaughter works on the sustainability of the company, with the difficulties that it creates sometimes.

Mr. DURAND and Mrs. BLOT: what makes the specificity of the company?

Garnier-Durand is above all a company with a human and family dimension, which maintains a real know-how thanks to its specific values and skills.

Ms BLOT: How can you say that Garnier Durand is an innovative company?

The company has always been able to buy CNC machines at the right time and in constant innovation. We started with parallel and cam-operated lathes and then invested in CNC lathes and new and modern control tools. Today, we are part of the program ‘Industry of the Future’.

Mr. DURAND and Mrs. BLOT: What can we wish the Garnier Durand company for the future?

Quite simply, to continue to grow, to aim for sustainability, new investments and real diversification.