Market segments

Garnier Durand, various fields of activity

The company Garnier Durand, thanks to its specificity in high precision micromechanics, works for a wide range of companies. Many fields of activity, with varied requirements, appeal to us each time with renewed confidence.

The company is used to working in aeronautics, space or defence. But we also know how to collaborate with many other areas of activity.

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Pictogramme représentant une centrale nucléaire


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General industry

Zoom sur des pièces faites par Garnier Durand

At Garnier Durand, our concerns are the same, regardless of the customers, regardless of their area of activity:

  • Listen to customers and understand their projects
  • Have a 0 defect approach from the first batch
  • Ensure reliability of partnerships (raw material suppliers and subcontractors)
  • Maintain a developed industrialisation approach
  • Ability to follow normative requirements