Micromechanics and family

The company Garnier Durand has been writing its story for several decades, and can boast real stability. This sustainability does not prevent its evolution at the pace of technological innovations and new expertise.

International groups from various industries (aeronautics, nuclear, defence, medical, space, etc.) trust this regional and family company, specialized in high precision micromechanics.

A company dedicated to high precision

Garnier Durand is above all a human adventure based on a recognized loyalty. The stability of the teams allows a greater control on the know-how. The quality of the results achieved can testify of that, and in particular the certifications obtained.

The complementarity and diversity of itsl employees make all the wealth of the company. These women and men work collectively to guarantee the quality of the « Made in France ».

Quality materials for a varied production

Garnier Durand’s mission is to provide manufacturers with high-precision micromechanical parts. The company relies on a large number of materials, some of which are not commonly used, such as gold, lead or nisil.

The company’s production processes are based on a twofold challenge: both working with standard materials to meet the expectations of a greater number of people and at the same time integrating special materials, more rarely used, in order to offer parts at the most-undeniable added-value.

A range of machines at the service of a know-how

In order to satisfy an ever-increasing diversity of customers, Garnier Durand continues to equip itself with increasingly efficient machines as required for high precision micromechanics.

Our machines and all the financial investment we put into it, guarantee the high quality of our products, with efficient and reliable production processes.

Ensemble de poupées fixe Nakamura


Homme travaillant avec une machine d'électroérosion


Homme travaillant sur une machine de tribofinition


Zoom sur une machine de fraisage


Machine optique de métrologie

Contrôle Métrologie

Garnier Durand, a company in the move!

Our « made in France » company, expert in high precision micromechanics, relies on apprenticeship to transmit its experience and train young people in a complex and exciting world.

At Garnier Durand, we are also committed to communicating and sharing our skills at various trade fairs in which we participate.

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