At Garnier Durand, quality is certified !

Garnier Durand has been certified in the aeronautical industry for over 40 years and works daily to meet the requirements of its customers, with quality and responsiveness as its main objectives.

This is why the men and women who work in the company put their know-how, collectively, at the service of various expertises.

In April 2022, Garnier Durand obtained the renewal of its 2 certifications delivered by Bureau Veritas, saluting the quality of the company’s management system:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • NF EN 9100:2018

In addition, the company has been awarded the SILVER LEVEL for the “deadline and quality performance with MBDA France”, and has been distinguished several times for its OTD (On Time Delivery) and OQD (On Quality Delivery) services.

Logo certification 9001:2015
Logo certification 9100:2018

Know-how and quality in micromechanics

With decades of experience and know-how in micromechanics, Garnier Durand has a proven quality policy. The diversity and confidence of the customers who continue to work with us prove it.

The know-how of Garnier Durand, a company specialised in high precision micromechanics, as far as its quality policy is concerned, are 3 inseparable criteria with 9 commitments:

Customer satisfaction

  1. We guarantee the conformity of our products
  2. We respect our delivery date commitments
  3. We are close to all our customers

The human factor

  1. We develop the competence of our staff
  2. We increase the versatility of our operators
  3. We act to improve the well-being of our employees

Industrial performance

  1. We ensure the profitability and therefore the sustainability of the company
  2. We invest to have an efficient production tool
  3. We are always innovating to move into other areas of activity

The issues

Raising employee awareness of FOD (Foreign Object Damage)

Ethical charter

No export of non conforming products

The results

OQD (On Quality Delivery): standard, above 95% for several years

OTD (On Time Delivery): standard, over 95% for several years