GD celebrates its 50th anniversary

Garnier Durand was founded in 1974. This family business wants to create moments of sharing (exchanges and sports) between June 2023 and July 2024. This is why sporting events will be combined with innovation and entrepreneurship events. To start with, the first event will be the Bourget International Airshow combined with the Rugby World Cup.

Frise chronologique des 50 ans de GARNIER DURAND

Le Bourget Air Show

A week at the Paris Air Show, where some of Garnier Durand’s support and production teams spent a day.

Barbecue with employees + activities

To mark the start of our 50th anniversary, we held a get-together with employees and their families.

Inter-company challenge

Garnier Durand took part for the first time in the Bourges inter-company challenge organised on Friday 29 September 2023.

The team can be very proud of its mid-table result (165/334). They gave it their all.

The video was made by an employee.

Open Day

The management and staff would like to express their gratitude to all the visitors to the open days for their discussions and interest in our professions.
We were pleasantly surprised by the large number of visitors.

Thank you all again.

Christmas party

The children of Garnier Durand employees took part in the 2023 Christmas celebration held at the Vierzon exhibition centre.

The inauguration of the extension to our production workshop

Garnier Durand would like to thank the Sub-Prefect of Vierzon, the Communauté de Communes Vierzon Sologne Berry, the Mairie de Foëcy, the DREETS, our customers, subcontractors, suppliers and above all our employees for attending our 50th anniversary and inaugurating the extension to our production workshop.